The Gozo Association for the Deaf (G.A.D.) was founded on 21st May 1988. The first hearing impaired members were twenty in number. These were children and young adults who were born with a hearing loss. Eventually membership was extended to other persons who became hearing impaired adventitiously, and since on the island of Malta, there are no organizations for hearing impaired persons which address their problems, the G.A.D. began to accept Maltese members too.

The G.A.D. is a non profitable organization run by a few volunteers who dedicate their time constantly and consistently to carry out the work entailed in the services and activities that are respectively provided and organized by the G.A.D.

Meetings for members, public lectures, seminars, exhibitions, participation in EU Projects, national and international events, keeping in contact with national and international professionals and organizations are among the various activities undertaken by the G.A.D.

The G.A.D. also has its own centre which was officially opened on 2nd March 2003. At the Centre there is a testing room equipped with an audiometer and a hearing aid analyser, where the audiologist carries out hearing tests, tests hearing aids and gives audiological advice. There is also a Resource Room where members and interested persons can borrow books, journals, audio and video tapes on hearing impairment. Members can receive free councelling and advice on social educational matters. The hall of the Centre is equipped with an induction loop system. This helps hearing aid users to understand speech better whenever social, educational and cultural activities are organized.

The G.A.D. is registered with the voluntary organizations. It also forms part ot the Gozo Federation of Persons with Disability and is a member of the Gozo Council of NGO's.

The G.A.D. is managed by a Committee which is elected every five years. The members of the present Committee are :
Baskal Camilleri
Carmen Grech
Miriam Hili
Joseph Bajada
Website maintenance and Facebook
Anthony Said
Customer care and family support
Loreta Grech
Customer care and support for hearing impaired adults
John Zammit
Customer care and support in Malta
John Spiteri
Member in charge of fundraising and social activities
Mary Portelli
Member in charge of fundraising and social activities
Rose Vella
Member in charge of fundraising and social activities
Jane Vella
Member in charge of fundraising and social activities
Roseanne Azzopardi